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Designed with elegance in mind, our Globe sofa lends sophisticated style without compromising on comfort. Globe’s mid-century influences are evident in its angular shape and tailored details, creating a timeless sofa. Made to order, the Globe collection is available in a one, two or three seater configuration and can be customised based on your preferences. Mix and match to get the perfect look for your room! Visit any of our showrooms for additional customisation options.
3 Seater
Inside Width: 152.4cm, Depth: 53.3cm
Outside Width: 182.8cm, Depth: 81.2cm, Height: 83.8cm
Seating Height 43.1cm
2 Seater
Inside Width: 101.6cm, Depth: 53.3cm
Outside Width: 132cm, Depth: 81.2cm, Height: 83.8cm
Seating height 43.1cm
1 Seater
Inside Width: 50.8cm, Depth: 53.3cm
Outside Width: 81.2cm, Depth: 81.2cm, Height: 83.8cm
Seating height 43.1cm
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